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Vacustyler therapy

Vacustyler uses technology from astronautics, where the astronaut's legs need to absorb enough blood in the zero gravity conditions. It's called LBNPD - lower body negative pressure device. We call it subpressure tratment.

Pressure and subpressure affect the lower part of the body in alternative intervals with a very positive effect on the tissue, lymph, and blood vessels. In the subpressure phase, blood vessels spread to the smallest capillaries. Plasma and oxygen come to the periphery, with lymph and veins completely filled. In the next positive phase of pressure the vessels contract quickly, which leads to extracting all waste substances as well as carbon dioxide from the tissue in the direction of the torso. This leads to body regeneration. Our muscles also regenerate – the Vacustyler device helps a speedier muscle regeneration through faster exchange of noxious substances.

Vacustyler treatment is comfortable and lasts for half an hour. The client can remain dressed, it's important only to take the shoes and belt off.

You shouldn't drink much liquid before the treatment! A new device from the Weyergans High Care Medical is not only exquisitely great-looking, but also uses a cutting edge technology.


  • vacustyler treatment helps enhance circulation in lower extremities, benefits the vascular system, and specifically removes waste from the lymph system. Vacustyler enhances and speeds regeneration, helps with patient's motivation, and makes them feel good.
  • lymphoedema
  • varicosis
  • circulation disorders
  • diabetic foot


  • heart conditions (angina pectoris)
  • hypotonia with fainting proneness
  • phlebothrombosis with risk of thromboembolism
  • thrombophlebitis V. Saphena magna
  • treated body parts inflammations
  • pregnancy
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