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Hand exercises

1.  Place your forearms on the table, hands extended and palms facing down (a). Lift your hands from the table and place them down again (b). Forearms remain steady.


2.  Forearms and hands are on the table, palms facing downwards (a). Bend the hands to the side (b, c), without moving the forearms.hand-exercises-2


3.  Patient sits at the side of the table, forearms are on the table and the wrist joint placed on the edge (a). Hand should be lowered and lifted repeatedly (b).


4. Patient should sit at the side of the table and forearm should be put on the table, with the wrist on the edge (a). You should rotate the hand in both directions (b).

5.  Patient is sitting on the chair, with the fingers put around the damaged wrist (a). The wrist rotates inwards and outwards alternately.
6.  Patient closes the hands so that the palms are facing inwards (a). Tips of the fingers should be turned towards the floor (b), then to the chest/body (c). Palms remain clenched together.

7.  While the patient is sitting, hands are connected in fingers (a) and the fist is turned towards the body (b). Hands should be extended forwards (c). In the end hands should be rotated (palms facing the body) and arms bended in the elbow (a).

8.  Sitting by the table, extended hands should be placed on the table, palms facing up (a), fingers clenched in a „little fist“ (b), and then bend them in a full fist (c).

9.  Sitting on the chair, arms should be placed on the table, palms facing up (a). The exercise consists of spreading the fingers (b) and clenching them back together (a).
10. From the position of the extended fist, move the tips of the fingers towards the thumb one by one, like pinching.

If you have any additional questions about injuries or exercises for the hand, you are free to ask by posting an facebook comment at the and of this page.

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